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CallPlay Rules
CallPlay Rules

Prohibition and Regulations of serious offense (Any serious offenses will be banned permanently)

1. Do not insult or disparage the Institute of religion and monarchy.

2. Do not seduce, resist, or show a suggestive or misleading politics.

3. Do not publish the content in a way of violent or illegal actions.

4. Prohibited action intended to cause social chaos.

5. Do not publish any information about homosexuality, seduction or to cause sexual arousal, and sexual assault, both picture and sound.

6. Prohibit the disclosure directly and indirectly about the sexual body such as breasts, buttocks, the penis, both men and women and wearing see through clothes.

7. Do not publish content that is related to drugs and gambling of all kinds.

8. Do not harass other human rights or abuse others.


General prohibition and regulations

1. Dress regulations

Must dress up during the broadcast properly and using the dress that can be dressed in public as following details

1.1 Do not wear the underwear on the outside.

1.2 Don't wear skirts or shorts that reveal a groove bottom or underwear.

1.3 No topless for male

1.4 No too much breast groove

1.5 Prohibit intentional disclosure of underwear or pants.

1.6 Do not wear clothing that conveys to the pornography, such as see through clothes, bikini, stocking or tight outfit.

1.7 Don't dress imitate uniform or similar to the official government agencies.



1. If there is the swimming broadcast, wearing swimsuit is allowed.

2. For fitness, boxing or other sport broadcasts, topless is allowed for male.


2. Behavior Regulations

2.1 Do not live while intoxicated or reckless behavior.

2.2 Smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs while broadcasting are prohibited.

2.3 Obscene behavior is prohibited.

2.4 Forbidden to curse and put others, including offensive words.

2.5 Do not disturb others.

2.6 Selling the products of competitor are prohibited.

2.7 The actions upon the intellectual property rights of others are prohibited.

2.8 Do not use offensive language or gestures /rude words/ dignity / quarrel with other users.

2.9 Do not broadcasting in a place where obscene, indecent entertainment venues such as bathrooms.

3.0 Do not open your music or audio in the way of pornography.

3.1 No pornography or anything illegal including drugs are in the picture.

3.2 Do not leave the broadcasting without the user too long.


Penalties are as follows.

1. First time will block the live for 1 hour.

2. Second time will block the live for 3 hours.

3. Third time will block the live for 1 day.

4. Forth time will block the live for 2 days.

5. Fifth time will block the live for 30 days.


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